Mars : Code Aurora, Rulebook ( UK version )


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Mars: Code Aurora is a futuristic generic skirmish game.

Set on the red planet in the first hours of its colonization by Mankind.

Fancy dusting off your miniatures and giving them a new chance?  Need a newfound motivation to paint your stock?  Need to find a good reason to finally buy those miniatures that have been teasing you for so long?

Then look no more: thanks to 8 factions with different profiles and gameplay, you are bound to find your best match.  As Mars: Code Aurora is a generic game, it is possible to play with any range of Sci-Fi miniatures.

“When part of humanity fled Earth to take refuge on its neighbour, one of the eleven Arks carrying the future of the species broke in two before landing on Mars.

This event disrupted the precarious balance between the groups involved and the hard-won peace was compromised.

Colonization began on unstable political foundations and, very quickly, the various colonies embarked on an arms race.

A phenomenon has finally put an end to this facade of peace: the energy signatures projected by the eleven Arks during the five years of their journey to Mars have attracted the attention of unknown extraterrestrial civilizations.

Exactly one year after the arrival of the Arks on Mars, a first delegation of extraterrestrial origin landed near Ark number Three in order to deliver a message to the neo-Martian population.

But in the chaos that reigned where mingled excitement, apprehension and fear of the unknown, the emissary was killed without warning.

Since then, at least three other unidentified starships have landed on Mars, and each side blames the rival Arks for the situation.

With war declared, nothing would be the same. And as the Earth slowly burns out in a radioactive inferno, the very survival of humanity on its first colony is compromised.”


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